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A great simplicity of use

to win in competitiveness

One man + one dump truck


1.5t to 5.80m, can bring a pallet on concrete slab, ground floor and floor, 1t to 8.5m and 500 kg to 16m. Height under Spire when Jib is horizontal its 13.5m. Height under Spire when jib is inclined at 30 ° it’s 20,6m.


One man is able to do all operations (Shipping, ballast, assembly, and disassembly)


Towable with a dump truck 3.5 T et PTRA 7T


  • Road speed up to 80km /h
  • Implementation of the “patented” ballast
  • Setting up with the remote control of the crane (about 6min)
  • No need for additional equipment for the installation of the ballast (telescopic)
  • Possibility to bring to each transport ( ballasts+ structure) others materials for the site: scaffolding, concrete mixer, generator, various tools (800 kg of materials in the bucket for each transport)
  • Assembly of the crane, 8min
  • Folding crane, 5min
  • Sensitive construction accessibility (max. 3.5t load, against telescopic and others larger crane) Single-phase power supply 220 v and three-phase 400v
  • Wheelbase 4mx4m


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